Helping Your Kids Finish the School Year Strong

Ann Maura Hinton joins Herbie and Rick to talk about helping your kids finish the school year strong.
Ann Maura Hinton is the Director of BRIDGE Educational Services. She joined the Lifeline team in August of 2017. She brings with her over 25 years of teaching experience in a variety of different settings and with a variety of different disabilities.  She loves to learn and is constantly looking for new ways to help build a bridge from frustration to hope alongside families in need.  She is a certified Cognitive Developmental Therapist and has earned her master’s and an undergraduate degree in Special Education. Originally from Madisonville, TN, she headed to the University of Tennessee and earned her master’s degree in special education.

Herbie Newell is the President & Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services and its ministry arms.

Rick Morton is the Vice President of Engagement at Lifeline Children's Services.

The Defender Bible Study is another free weekly resource podcast for you – led by a Lifeline staff member. Features an in-depth study either on a portion of Scripture, or a book like “Plain Theology for Plain People” or “New Morning Mercies". 

The mission of Lifeline Children’s Services is to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. Our vision is for vulnerable children and their communities to be transformed by the gospel and to make disciples.