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How to Survive the Summer

Lynn Beckett, Lifeline education specialist and parent coach, joins Rick and Herbie to talk through tips to help parents this summer.

A Post-Roe World

Alison Centofante is the founder of Centofante Strategies, LLC and has worked in the pro-life industry for over a decade with organizations like Concerned Women for America, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Live Action. Alison sits down with Rick and Herbie to talk about the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade and the needs that will arise.

Birth Mother's Day

Herbie and Rick are joined by Lauren Eddie, Lifeline pregnancy counseling supervisor, and two birth mothers to talk about the significance of this day.

A Conversation with the Chapmans: Part 2

Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman join Herbie and Rick in a discussion about grief.

A Conversation with the Chapmans - Part 1

Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman join Herbie and Rick in a discussion about grief.

Preparing for Easter

Herbie and Rick sit down to talk about Easter and the sacrifice of our Savior in this season.

International Adoption Update

Herbie and Rick are joined by Karla Thrasher and Jana Lombardo to discuss the state of international adoption.

Helping Your Kids Finish the School Year Strong

Ann Maura Hinton joins Herbie and Rick to talk about helping your kids finish the school year strong.

Talking to Kids about Ukraine

Herbie and Rick discuss way to talk to your kids about the conflict in Ukraine. With this tragic current event making national headlines daily, we want to provide some tips for informing your children, while being sensitive to their young hearts and minds.

Conversation with Ruslan Maliuta

Dr. Rick is joined by a friend from Ukraine, Ruslan Maliuta, founder of the World Without Orphans movement. He is a native of Kyiv, Ukraine, and also discusses ways to pray for the Ukrainian church.

Conversation with Missy Robertson

Herbie is joined by Missy Robertson, of A&E's hit series Duck Dynasty, to discuss her new children's book Because You're My Family, and talks about the importance of her family and her faith in all that she does. This book creatively depicts themes of adoption, unconditional love, forgiveness, and the importance of family. Because You're My Family was released March 1st by Brave Books and is available now.

Praying for Ukraine

Herbie and Rick are joined by Madison and Yuriy Perekotiy, Lifeline partners in Ukraine, to discuss the tragic events that have transpired over the last week in Ukraine.

Looking Ahead to International Women's Day and Women's History Month

Herbie and Rick sit down to discuss International Women's Day (March 8th) and Women's History Month in March and what this looks like from a biblical perspective.

Conversation with Madison and Yuriy

Rick Morton is joined by our partners from Ukraine, Madison and Yuriy, to discuss their ministry Heritage Ukraine.

Marriage and Adoption

Herbie and Rick walk through the importance of a biblically-based marriage and the significance of this in the pursuit of adoption.

Birthparent Counseling Ministry

Marie Gunn, Lifeline pregnancy counselor in Mississippi, joins Herbie and Rick to discuss birthparent ministry.

Kansas Pregnancy Center: Stories of Hope

Herbie and Rick are joined by Jessa Swearingen, center manager and outreach coordinator for the new Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center in Topeka, Kansas again this week to discuss stories of hope from the center.

Kansas Pregnancy Resource Center

Herbie and Rick are joined by Jessa Swearingen, center manager and outreach coordinator for the new Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center in Topeka, Kansas.

Life Cases in Review and Looking Forward to 2022

Join Herbie and Rick as they review past cases on the subject of life and discuss some things to come as we begin 2022.

Best of 2021: Speak Out for Life: Pro-Life

Originally aired on January 20th, 2021. Herbie and Rick sit down to discuss the pro-life ethic.

Best of 2021: Advancing the Gospel with Ed Litton

In this special best-of-episode, Rick sits down with Pastor Ed Litton of Redemption Church in Mobile, AL.

The Ultimate Gift

Herbie and Rick discuss the birth of Christ, the ultimate gift.

The Giving of Time with Kim Christenberry

Kim Christenberry, Lifeline adoptive mom and secretary of the Lifeline Board of Directors, joins Herbie and Rick to discuss the value of giving your time. We all have the same resources to steward our time well, so do so in a way that glorifies God.

The Giving of Talents with Cory Varden

Cory Varden, pastor of preaching and vision at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, joins Herbie and Rick to talk about the value of using your talents to serve others.

The Giving of Gifts

Herbie and Rick discuss a few stories of hope from the past year in our ministry that would not be possible without the generous gifts recieved.

Conversation with Will and Mallie

Herbie is joined by Will and Mallie, Lifeline domestic adoptive parents, to talk about God's grace and redemption through their family's adoption story.

Financial Resources for Adoption

Hannah Pearson, Lifeline International Administrative Coordinator, to discuss adoption funding resources. Hannah works closely with the Hope Adoption Fund and walks through the fundraising process with adoptive families.

Conversation with the Doblesteins

Herbie sits down with the Doblestein family to talk about their daughter, Francie, and the way they have seen the Lord work in their lives through adoption.

International Adoption with Karla Thrasher and Herbie Newell

Karla Thrasher, Director of International Adoption at Lifeline, sits down with Herbie Newell to discuss international adoption.

Conversation with the Huffs

Rick sits down with Shane and Stacy Huff to talk about their family's international adoption story.