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Defend the Fatherless

Righteous anger spurs us to defend the fatherless.

Biblical Mandate for the Vulnerable

Pastor Chris challenges the Church and the community to hear the gospel call to care for the vulnerable. Learn how caring for the vulnerable changed Pastor Chris's vocation and family one child at a time. Orphan Sunday is a way for churches to grow and develop in supporting orphan care. We as the church need to come alongside the government to help the orphan crisis.

Eurasia Adoptions through a Pandemic

The Eurasia team discusses how God continues to be at work in Eurasia during a pandemic.

India Adoptions through a Pandemic

Morgan Terch, Program Manager of India shares more about how families can engage internationally, specifically through adoption in India.

China Adoptions through a Pandemic

Learn more about how families can engage internationally, specifically through adoption in China.

Adoption in Latin America

Learn more about how your family can adopt or encourage others to adopt from Latin America. Today we will hear from Beth Perez, Program Director of Latin America, and Ferrah Poe, Social Worker and Program Director of Columbia.

New Foster Care Program in Columbia

Oscar and Beth Perez, join us today to discuss the new foster care program in Bogota, Columbia. We are seeing local believers go through the process with the government to become foster families. Our vision at Lifeline is to see the Global Church equipped to manifest the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children.

Sam Collier's Adoption Journey, "A Greater Story."

Learn more about God's transformative power in rewriting Sam's story through adoption. "A Greater Story," shares Sam and his twin sister's adoption experience and His continuous work in their lives. "God really is in the miracle business through people. We overcame the odds by the power of God and our parents," said Collier.

The McKenney Family Brings Their Son Home during COVID-19

The McKenney Family brings their son home from Bulgaria. Learn more about their journey and how God continues to be at work. Jana Lombardo, Senior Program Director, shares what the adoption process in Eastern Europe looks like as a result of the Pandemic.

The Meyers Family Adopts from Haiti during Global Pandemic

Good news, the Meyers family welcomes home their two children from Haiti during a global pandemic. Learn more about how God continues to care for the most vulnerable even in the midst of COVID-19.

Introducing the Altar84 Global Orphan Care Network

Lifeline launches a new Global Orphan Care Network, Altar84.

Making Back-to-School Decisions with Confidence

Parents are facing many decisions when it comes to sending their children back to school this year. Lifeline Counseling Program Director Angela Mains walks through the various options and how parents can be encouraged in their decision making.

Take a Socially Distant Stand for Orphans®

Herbie, his wife Ashley, and their children recently joined the Rick & Bubba Show to talk about Stand For Orphans.

Helping Women Face Unplanned Pregnancy without Fear

Senior Director of Health & Client Services at The Pregnancy Network, Deanna Jewell, shares how we can help women face unplanned pregnancy without fear.

A Tribute to Issac Manogarom

Our dear brother, friend, and partner Isaac Manogarom in Chennai, India went to be with the Lord after being diagnosed with Covid-19 after coming in contact while feeding day laborers.

The Importance of Protecting a Child's Story

Lauren McAfee, speaker, writer, and adoptive mother, and Karla Thrasher, Director of International Adoption, share about the importance of protecting a child's story.

Gospel in Action: COVID-19 Global Response Update

(un)adopted partners share about the harsh realities they are facing due to COVID-19 and how they are responding to this crisis in their communities.

How to Talk to Your Children About Racial Injustice

A panel of pastors, adoptive parents, and adoptees discuss how to navigate hard conversations about racial injustice with children. We hope that this panel can be an encouragement for many and offer some unique insight and practical suggestions that will aid you as you talk to your children.

Advocating for Education after COVID-19

Lifeline's education team discusses how to advocate for your child's education after being out of school for so many months due to COVID-19.

Practical Tips on How to Engage Kids from Hard Places

Dr. Heather Quagliana, associate professor of psychology at Lee University, shares practical tips on how to engage kids from hard places especially in light of COVID-19.

Foster Care in a Pandemic

Lifeline foster care social workers discuss how foster care has been affected by COVID-19.

Pastor Raphael Kajjubi on Gospel Fidelity

In an introduction to Atlar84, Lifeline's Global Orphan Care Network, Herbie Newell shares a message from Pastor Raphael in Uganda from the Altar84's virtual conference available in June.

A Time of Prayer in a Pandemic

Herbie pauses for a time to reflect on Psalm 63 and prayer over specific needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discipling Adopted Teenagers

Arthur Woods, author of "Trusting The God of The Gospel: Helping You Disciple Your Adopted Teenager" shares practical tips for talking to our kids about God in light of their past experiences.

Rick Burgess: The Pursuit of Christ-Centered Masculinity

Rick Burgess, cohost of the nationally syndicated radio show “Rick and Bubba Show" and author of "How to Be a Man, the Pursuit of Christ-Centered Masculinity" discusses biblical manhood, family, and faith.

Cliff Sims: 500 Days in the Trump White House

Former senior communications aide to President Trump and author of the New York Times bestselling book Team of Vipers, Cliff Sims, discusses faith, government, and adoption.

How to Help Children Understand COVID-19 and Handle Disappointment

Lifeline family therapists Angela Mains and Ashley Yeager share insights and tips on how to help children cope with disappointment due to COVID-19.

Educating Your Children at Home

With many children home from school during the current COVID-19 outbreak, homeschool mothers and Lifeline's education specialist share their favorite tools and strategies for educating their children at home.

Resources for Families During COVID-19

Tools, strategies, and information to help equip families during COVID-19 and social distancing.

Better Together: Patrick Stanford

From a live storytelling event, Patrick Stanford shares about his trip with (un)adopted to India.

Better Together: Lena Plunk

From a live storytelling event, Lena shares about her trip with (un)adopted to bring clean water to Uganda.

Better Together: Sonia Martin

From a live storytelling event, adoptive and foster mother, Sonia Martin shares her story of redemption, forgiveness, and her journey to recognizing her worth.

Faith, Family, and Fitness

Iron Tribe Fitness founders Forrest & Mendy Walden share about their adoption journey, fitness, and using their business to bring the gospel to the nations.

On Mission in India

(un)adopted partner, Krupa Swaroop, shares about the gospel work being done in India and some of the biggest needs they are facing.

Church Partner Roundtable: A Trip to India

Lifeline church partners from Alabama, Kansas, and Texas share about their recent trip to Bangalore, India.

Discipling Kids From Hard Places

The family is the center of Jesus plan to make disciples, but significant challenges exists for families who adopt and foster to be disciple-makers with children coming from hard places. In this episode, Dr. Rick Morton examines the challenges and proposes strategies that will equip parents to make disciples of the children God has placed in their families.

Adoption, Marriage, and Family Life: Live Q&A with Dr. Randy Stinson

Dr. Randy Stinson speaks to Lifeline families during a live Q&A at Rooted in Love, an adoption conference for families pursuing international and domestic adoption.

Connecting with your Kids through Songs & Silliness

Randall Goodgame, the creator of Slugs & Bugs, shares about the importance of having fun and being silly with your family.

Trusting God with Terminal Illness

Eric & Katie Parker share about the adoption of their daughter Noelle from India and their journey of processing her terminal illness.

The Sanctity of Human Life

To value the Sanctity of Human Life is an act of worship, not of people themselves, but of our Creator who fashioned each of us in His Image.

Best Of: Better Together - Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynolds tells her story of going through the adoption process but having it fail by not bringing a child home.