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Arc Stories: A Story of Adoption with Shane Etheredge

Learn more about Shane's story of adopting his two daughters from Ukraine.

Creating Structure for Your Kids this Summer

Learn how kids thrive in structure and what challenges may come in this season.

Understanding the Culture Our Kids are Growing Up In

Dr. Walt Mueller, the Founder of Parent Youth Understanding. Help parents understand the culture that their kids are growing up in, and provide a gospel-centered perspective.

Parenting Older Children From Hard Places

Listen to our panel discussion about parenting older children who have come from hard places.

Advancing the Gospel with Ed Litton

Hear from Ed Litton, Pastor of Redemption Church, about transforming lives through the gospel.

Heritage Builders: Helping Kids Who Are Aging Out of Foster Care

Hear how the Lord is using Heritage Builders, a new ministry of Lifeline, to provide mentorship to those who age out of the Foster Care system.

COVID: One Year Later with Ann Maura Hinton

Ann Maura Hinton is the Director of BRIDGE Educational Services and shares how COVID has impacted our families.

COVID: One Year Later with Angela Maines

Hear from Angela Maines, MA, LPC, TBRI® Practitioner andTherapist, about how COVID-19 has impacted our kids.

COVID: One Year Later with Kristen Avery

Hear how Kristen Avery, a missionary in Kenya, has learned some tough lessons this passed year during COVID.

COVID: One Year Later

Lynn Beckett shares the impact of COVID for our children and families this past year. Predictability is what provides safety for our children.

Best of 2019: Grieving With Others

Rob Pacienza shares about his experience with grief and loss after the death his youngest daughter.

Best of 2018: Why the Church is the Answer to the Orphan Crisis

Join us as Herbie Newell talks with Pastor Brad Evangelista about why the local church is the answer to caring for orphan and vulnerable children.

Best of 2020 with Rick Burgess: The Pursuit of Christ-Centered Masculinity

Rick Burgess, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show “Rick and Bubba Show" and author of "How to Be a Man, the Pursuit of Christ-Centered Masculinity" discusses biblical manhood, family, and faith.

Best of 2019: Multi-Ethnicity and the Kingdom of God with Jason Cook

Join us as Herbie Newell talks with Jason Cook about a range of church body issues including multi-ethnic worship, adoption, and why social justice is a church issue.

Adoption and Racial Reconciliation

Pastor John Onwuchekwa and Herbie discuss adoption, racial reconciliation, and more.

How Do We Talk to Our Kids about Race and Culture?

Today we listen to a panel discussion on the topic of how we talk to our kids who adopted transracially about culture and race.

How the Lord Called Pastor Jason Paredes to Adopt

We are joined by our friend, lead pastor and brother in Christ, Jason Paredes from Fielder Church in Arlington, Texas.

NCFA: The State of Foster Care and Adoption

National Council for Adoption is a great organization speaking out for children's rights. Today we discuss with Chuck Johnson the state of foster care and adoption on the national level. Chuck once served as Executive Director at Lifeline.

Celebrating Milestones with Chuck Johnson

Learn how Lifeline began as we look to past and present stories.

A Birth Mother's Story of Hope

Hear how one birth mother's story of hope transformed lives through God's goodness and mercy. "These babies saved my life, because I was headed down a wrong path," said Lili.

Speak Out for Life: Pro-Life

Today we celebrate the fact that life is created and formed in the image of God, and we mourn the millions of lives that have been lost due to abortion.

Sanctity of Human Life: The Rally for Life

In honor of Sanctity of Human life this Sunday, we dive into the importance in advocating to choose life.

40th Anniversary: Reflecting on Years at Lifeline

In celebration of Lifeline's 40th Anniversary, past and present staff members kick off the year with a panel discussion reflecting back on memories and milestones shared while working at Lifeline.

Best of 2020: The Pursuit of Christ-Centered Masculinity

Rick Burgess, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show “Rick and Bubba Show" and author of "How to Be a Man, the Pursuit of Christ-Centered Masculinity" discusses biblical manhood, family, and faith.

Best of 2020: The McKinney Family Brings Their Son Home during COVID-19

The McKinney Family brings their son home from Bulgaria. Learn more about their journey and how God continues to be at work. Jana Lombardo, Senior Program Director, shares what the adoption process in Eastern Europe looks like as a result of the Pandemic.

Giving Your Time, Talents and Resources with Brittney Gilbert

We are all called to share and give our time, talents and resources. Learn more about how you can give in each of these areas.

Generosity with Anna Brooke and Cooper Johnson

Learn more about how generosity can transform lives through this season of giving. Anna Brooke and Cooper Johnson share how God is working through Lifeline one life at a time.

What Does the Bible Say about Generosity?

Brad Evangelista, lead pastor at CrossPointe Church in Columbus, Georgia, discusses what the Bible says about our responsibility to give.

Autumn's story of Hope through Foster Care and Adoption

Autumn Millett and Chris Johnson share how the family came together in one of the most unexpected ways.

The Connected Parent

Lisa Qualls, author of "The Connected Parent" shares her insight as a mother of 12 children.