Best of 2021: Advancing the Gospel with Ed Litton

In this special best-of-episode, Rick sits down with Pastor Ed Litton of Redemption Church in Mobile, AL.
Ed Litton is the Pastor of Redemption Church in Mobile, Alabama and the previous sitting President of the Southern Baptist Convention

Rick Morton is the Vice President of Engagement at Lifeline Children's Services.

As you look ahead to the New Year and the desires you have for yourself and your family, we’re still in the ministry of helping moms and dads parent well through their adoption and foster care journey. Seeking help and support does not mean defeat, it means hope (as one of our alumni adoptive families shared with us recently).  Click here for more information.  

The mission of Lifeline Children’s Services is to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. Our vision is for vulnerable children and their communities to be transformed by the gospel and to make disciples.